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Anemias and Beyond…Wait Don’t Change the Channel: Investigating these cases may save your patients’ lives!
– Dr. Richard Wells and Dr. Thomas Nevill

To C.A.T.C.H. Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria: A Shared-care Approach – Dr. Richard Wells

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Chronic complement-mediated hemolysis is the underlying cause of progressive morbidities and mortality in PNH1

PNH symptom incidence rate

Patient Screening Diagram

Early intervention is critical

  • 35% of PNH patients die within 5 years of diagnosis2
  • Diagnosis typically delayed for up to 10 years3
  • A full clinical assessment consisting of patient history, physical and laboratory values is crucial for diagnosis and ongoing monitoring of PNH
  • Reported symptoms may vary between visits and patients
    • It is important to discuss symptomatology at each visit to track disease progression

*At initial diagnosis


Connect with your local PNH Expert for any questions regarding the diagnosis, treatment or management of PNH. We are here to help.


*At initial diagnosis

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